5 Pediatric Dentistry Tips for Baby Teeth

When it comes to caring for a child’s teeth, pediatric dentistry offices are an excellent resource. This section of the dental field focuses on providing dental services for children. Pediatric dentists are trained on the common problems among infants, children … Continued

Does My Child Need a Root Canal in a Baby Tooth?

Thinking only adults need to undergo a root canal in order to save their teeth? This common misperception is simply not true. Many times children need to have a root canal performed in order to save one of their baby … Continued

How Often Your Child Should Visit a Dentist for Kids

According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, parents should take their children to visit a dentist for kids twice yearly. The biannual visits allow the dentist to monitor the child’s dental development, assess changes in the oral cavity, and … Continued

What Ages Does a Kid Friendly in Richmond Treat?

Children’s teeth develop and grow fairly rapidly, so it is important to take them to a kid friendly dentist in Richmond every six months. Doing so allows the dentist to catch any potentially damaging changes early on and correct or … Continued

When Is Early Orthodontic Treatment Recommended for Children?

Early orthodontic treatment is typically recommended when a child's incoming or existing teeth are not coming out the way they should. Dentists can usually detect if a child is developing orthodontic issues, like a bad bite, once the first set … Continued

How Does a Pediatric Dentist Calm Down a Fearful Chlid?

Children need constant care as they grow, and a pediatric dentist can help. Children can scare easily, though, and the dentist's chair may be one area they do not feel comfortable trying out. Fortunately, dentists who earn a certification to … Continued

Dentist for Kids: Dental Care for Special Needs

A dentist for kids is specially trained to put young children at ease. They will read the unique personality of your child and use their training to create a rapport. It is why you should not settle for just any … Continued

How are Kids Cavities Treated?

There are a few options available to dentists when it comes to treating kids cavities. A cavity is a hole that forms on a tooth's surface due to erosion from acids. These acids are created by oral bacteria that live … Continued

What are the Benefits of Dental Bonding for Kids?

Dental bonding for kids can be used for many purposes. It involves the use of a composite resin to address damage or flaws on a tooth. Bonding can be used to address oral issues like: Cavities Stains and discoloration Chipped … Continued

4 Reasons Pediatric Dentists Recommend That Kids Limit Their Juice Intake

At our pediatric dentist office, we care about the health of your child's teeth. Poor dental hygiene is not the only thing threatening the healthy development of baby teeth and adult teeth in this vulnerable stage of life. Most parents … Continued