4 Ways Kids Dental Care is Different

Posted on: April 6, 2019

Wanting a little more information on kids dental care? While there are many similarities when it comes to kids taking good care of their oral health and adults taking good care of their oral health, there are also a few ways in which kids dental care is different from adult dental care. Similarities include brushing the teeth at least twice a day using a fluoridated toothpaste and flossing at least once a day. According to the American Dental Association, with good oral care at home and regular dental visits, children can reach adulthood without suffering from tooth decay and other oral health problems.

Four ways kids dental care is different

The following is a list of four ways that dental care for kids is different from dental care for adults.

#1 – Kids need to be seen more often

The fact that children have a higher risk of being diagnosed with cavities makes it necessary for them to see a dental professional about every six months, while most adults only need to make yearly appointments.

#2 – Fluoride treatments, sealants

Kids will often benefit from fluoride treatments because it helps to fortify their permanent teeth. This allows kids to have stronger teeth, which means they are going to be much more resistant to cavities. Sealants are also a common option for children who are having difficulty taking proper care of their teeth, which also helps to protect their teeth from getting cavities. While adults can also benefit from fluoride treatments and getting sealants on their teeth, it is much more common for kids to receive these dental treatments.

#3 – Guidance on potential orthodontic issues

Keeping a close eye on the primary teeth is very important when it comes to the ability of permanent teeth to grow in straight. If it is believed that a child will experience any potential orthodontic issues, these issues can be addressed early on, giving kids a higher chance of having good oral health when they grow up.

#4 – Nutritional advice

Kids have different nutritional requirements than adults do, which changes often throughout their childhood. Good nutrition is essential to a healthy mouth, and for that reason, adults are encouraged to ask a dental professional for advice on what kind of foods they can offer their kids to ensure that they are indeed getting their daily recommended amount of nutrition.

Are you currently in need of kids dental care services?

Now that you understand how kids dental care is different from adult dental care, have you determined that you need to make a dental appointment for your kids? It really is essential that you give your kids the dental care they need, as a healthy mouth supports a healthy life. When your kids are young, it is ideal for them to see a dental professional more often than you do as an adult, as this helps to ensure that their permanent teeth are able to grow in strong and healthy.

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