7 Ways to Make Brushing Teeth Fun for Kids

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Children often don’t like to do things that aren't on their agenda, which can make brushing their teeth twice a day difficult, unless you make brushing teeth fun. Work with a dentist on ways to make teeth brushing time enjoyable, figure out what ways that your child likes to have fun. While children are constantly evolving, there are always activities that they enjoy most. Intertwining a fun activity with it will help the child to relate fun with teeth brushing. 

Although children’s teeth will fall out eventually, it is still important to ensure that they maintain good oral hygiene so that they don’t form any diseases or cavities.

Brushing your children’s teeth regularly helps to remove food particles, plaque and bacteria that can cause tooth cavities. While it can be difficult to get them to want to, there are ways to make it more enjoyable for them. They are listed below:

How to make brushing teeth fun

1. Let them pick their toothbrush

When buying a toothbrush for a child, let them select a children’s toothbrush that appeals to their eyes. This will make them look forward to using their toothbrush. Adult toothbrushes can be too harsh or boring to look at. Finding one that has bright colors, cartoon characters, or animals on it may aid in the idea of having a desire to use the toothbrush.

2. Pick a tasty toothpaste

Select a great flavor of toothpaste for the child. Children’s toothpaste comes in different flavors such as strawberry, bubblegum, or even watermelon. Make sure to select one that suits the child’s favorite taste. Flavored toothbrushes will appeal to the child’s taste buds.

3. Brush together

When your child brushes their teeth, engage with them. Brush your teeth too, this will allow for the child to mimic the exact behavior — tooth brushing. Brushing your teeth together will help the child to learn proper brushing techniques. Make sure to brush them again in order to ensure that their teeth are thoroughly brushed.

4. Let them "brush" a toy's teeth

Let your kid brush their doll or stuffed animal’s teeth before or after brushing their own. This distracts their attention from their teeth to the doll and makes it fun for them to mimic their own behavior.

5. Brush each other's teeth

Allow your child to brush your teeth as you brush theirs. This makes teeth brushing fun for them as they feel they are also involved in the brushing and it keeps them engaged both mentally and physically. Allowing the child to perform the act of teeth brushing on the parent will teach importance.

6. Reward them

Offer your child something in return for brushing. Look for something that your child may love to do and promise to give it to them if they allow you to brush their teeth. Although bribing may be frowned up, it will teach them cause and effect. At a young age, the effect will be a small reward. With time, the child will learn that the effect will be healthy teeth.

7. Use technology

Encourage them to brush by downloading a fun app that involves teeth brushing. This will make them want the same thing that they are watching to happen to them and this will encourage them to let you brush their teeth. In this day and age, there is an app for everything, so find one that can relate to the routine of teeth brushing.

Whichever method you choose to make brushing teeth fun for your child does not matter as long a proper dental routine is managed. Their primary teeth and their growing permanent teeth are both very important to their overall health.

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