Aesthetic Options for Baby Dental Crowns

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Your child might need a baby dental crown if there is decay in the tooth. If it is a small cavity, your dentist can fix it by using a small filling. However, if there is extensive damage, the dentist may need to put a crown over the tooth. If a crown is not placed, then the tooth may break. Keep reading to learn more about baby dental crowns.

Traditional crowns

Many dentists recommend stainless-steel crowns. These are a silver color. The crowns are durable and strong. However, these crowns are noticeable if they are near the front of the mouth. This is why some parents may choose to get stainless-steel crowns that have white facings on them.

Crowns with white facings are often used on the teeth closer to the front of the mouth. The facing is plastic and is pre-veneered. The color appears to be white from the front. However, there needs to be extra bulk in the crown so that the facing can stick to the metal.

Sometimes, the crowns tend to look rounded or bulbous. Over time, the white facing might begin to chip. This can expose the steel crown under it. Grinding the teeth is one way that chipping can happen. Normal biting and chewing are other ways the crown can chip. However, for a front tooth, this can be a good option.

Resin crowns

Patients may find this type of crown very aesthetically pleasing when the dentist does it correctly. The dentist must be skilled in order to properly place a resin crown. Because of how long it can take, an uncooperative child may not be a candidate.

A strip crown is made out of a white composite material. It is a very natural look for the crown. Like the rest of the teeth, it can become discolored as it absorbs stains. The child will need to keep the crown clean like the rest of the teeth.

This will prevent plaque from building up on it. A resin crown is not as strong as a stainless-steel crown. There is a risk that part of the crown might chip off. This could be another good option for the front tooth.

Zirconia crowns

Patients can ask the dentist about zirconia crowns for the child. This material is biocompatible and has a natural appearance. It is made up of one type of material that is tooth-colored. These offer an aesthetic look on the front and the mouth’s inside.

Visit a dentist for an aesthetic baby dental crown

It can be overwhelming to learn that your child has extensive decay in the teeth and needs dental crowns. However, there are many pleasing options for the baby dental crown. With the right type of crown, no one will be able to tell that there is a crown. Asking your dentist about aesthetic options for crowns is a good choice for you. It will help your child enjoy improved oral health.

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