What Approach Does a Kid Friendly Dentist Take Towards Calming a Child Down?

What Approach Does a Kid Friendly Dentist Take Towards Calming a Child Down? from Grand Parkway Pediatric Dental in Richmond, TXA kid-friendly dentist offers services to children. A part of treating younger children includes dealing with their anxiety and helping them to remain calm and relaxed during their visit. There are certain techniques that dentists use to help children remain calm, which is discussed in this review.

How a kid-friendly dentist can keep a child calm during their visit

Kid-friendly dentists typically treat each child in a unique way based on their personality and the specific reason they may feel nervous. However, there are common techniques they use to help patients deal with their anxieties and overcome any fears they may have.

Speak in a simple and gentle manner

Kid-friendly dental practices typically have a friendly staff that understands how to effectively communicate with children of all ages. One part of successful communication with children is speaking in a simple and clear manner that they can easily understand. This helps them feel more willing to communicate and express any concerns they may have, which in return makes it easier to keep them calm and comfortable throughout each visit.

Encourage the child to ask questions

Before beginning any treatment, a kid-friendly dentist always makes sure that the child and the parent have all of their questions answered. They encourage them to ask questions as this allows any misconceptions to be properly addressed. The more a child can know what is done to keep them safe and pain-free, the more calm they are likely to be during procedures.

Use positive reinforcement and rewards

Children respond well to positive reinforcement in the dentist's office. A kid-friendly dentist and their staff are typically friendly and encouraging to children, allowing them to naturally stay more relaxed. Some may even offer rewards for bravery after a child finishes a dental procedure. This gives them something to look forward to the next time they visit.

Use hand signals during procedures

Creating a system of hand signals for the child to use if they begin to feel uncomfortable during a treatment procedure is a great way for them to feel more in control. This keeps them calm as they know they can take a break whenever they need to and regain their level of comfort.

Offer nitrous oxide (laughing gas)

For more invasive procedures that may cause some discomfort, the dentist can use nitrous oxide, which is more famously known as “laughing gas.” A kid-friendly dentist may also recommend this to help children with anxiety remain calm during a procedure. It is safe to use and effective in keeping children calm and pain-free during a procedure.

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