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Dental fillings from your kid friendly dentist can improve your child’s dental health. Cavities are a common dental problem among kids. Fillings are the quickest, most readily available treatments for this type of dental issue. Your pediatric dentist can even offer different types of fillings that can fit your child’s needs. Here are some questions that you can ask your kid friendly dentist about your child’s dental fillings.

What are the dental filling options available for kids?

Decades ago, dentists preferred silver amalgam fillings for adults and children. These fillings were durable, but since they had mercury, dentists do not recommend them anymore. Modern dental fillings for kids and adults are composite fillings. A kid friendly dentist will use and recommend these mercury-free restorations. Composite fillings are undetectable and durable.

Do baby teeth still need dental fillings?

Many parents dismiss cavities on baby teeth because these teeth will fall out anyway. But letting primary teeth develop for years without treatment is not healthy. This can lead to the loss of baby teeth. If this happens, there will be problems with the emerging permanent teeth. The kid friendly dentist will treat the baby teeth with dental fillings.

Baby teeth are important in the development and eruption of permanent teeth. These teeth reserve the space for adult teeth. A baby tooth serves as a guide for the emerging adult tooth. Maintaining their health will prevent dental issues as the child grows up. That is why a kid friendly dentist will use dental fillings on primary teeth.

Will there be pain while applying dental fillings?

The procedure is often painless. Most kids will not need numbing if there is only minor decay. Extensive dental decay may need a local anesthetic. The inflammation and tenderness in the area will need numbing. The kid friendly dentist will make sure that the treatment will be painless and relaxing.

Research shows that some children mistake nervousness for pain. Aside from providing a local anesthetic, the dentist will use a comforting voice, relaxing music, and toys. These tools can help the child feel at ease in the treatment room. Comfort and fun can make the child cooperate more during the treatment.

What is the purpose of dental fillings?

Dental fillings can bring back the normal function and structure of the child’s decayed tooth. The enamel weakens if there is decay. A kid friendly dentist will apply a dental filling with the goal of strengthening the damaged enamel. Fillings can also protect the tooth from future damage.

How can a parent prevent cavities?

Multiple cavities can develop in children. This is often a result of eating or drinking sweets. Parents can help reduce or prevent cavities. This is possible by decreasing the amount of sugar in the child’s diet. Guiding the child in practicing proper dental hygiene can keep the child’s teeth and gums clean between dental checkups.

Bringing the child to the dentist for regular cleanings can prevent plaque and tartar formation that can lead to cavities. The appointments will allow the dentist to apply fluoride treatments that can strengthen and protect teeth from bacterial acids. The kid friendly dentist can apply dental sealants on chewing surfaces of the back teeth. These protective shields can prevent plaque and food particles from sticking to the grooves and fissures of the back teeth.

What will happen if the child has dental anxiety?

Many kids suffer from dental anxiety. This condition is common in kids who do not see the dentist often. The kid friendly dentist can use slow numbing techniques to make sure that the procedure becomes painless. Comforting words, toys, and animated programs can help make the child feel better about the kid friendly dentist and the clinic itself.

The parent can also talk to the anxious child before the appointment. Playing dentistry games can introduce dental care to the child. These games can show the child that dentistry is not bad and can be fun. Reading stories about dentists and dentistry is also a good way to show the child that seeing a kid friendly dentist is part of maintaining one’s health. By the time the child steps into the clinic, the visits will be easier and even faster than expected.

Your kid friendly dentist can help your child achieve better dental health

Tooth decay is a common dental issue in children. You can help prevent the problem by controlling your child’s sugar intake and dental care practices. Bringing your child in for regular checkups can provide the child with preventive treatments like dental sealants. Working with your kid friendly dentist can give your child a good foundation in dental health.

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