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A kid-friendly dentist might recommend a space maintainer if your child loses a baby tooth prematurely. Space maintainers are devices that help keep teeth in place after baby teeth have fallen out. They are used to prevent problems such as crowding, shifting, and misalignment of the adult teeth.

Space maintainers are usually made of metal or plastic and are bonded to the teeth with dental cement. They can be removable or fixed (cemented) in place.

Fixed space maintainers are generally used when there are multiple missing teeth or when the space between the teeth is large. Removable space maintainers are typically used when there is just one missing tooth. Space maintainers are often worn for 6 to 12 months until the permanent teeth have grown enough to fill the gaps.

Getting a space maintainer from a kid-friendly dentist

Parents are advised to bring their children in for an examination if one of their baby teeth falls out prematurely. The dentist will check to see if a space maintainer is needed. If a space maintainer is recommended, the kid-friendly dentist will take impressions of the child's teeth and make models of their mouth. They will then use these models to custom-make the space maintainer.

The space maintainer will be fitted and bonded at a subsequent appointment. The child will be given instructions on caring for the device and avoiding any problems such as breakage or dislodgement.

It is vital for parents to bring their children back for regular checkups so that the dentist can monitor the fit of the space maintainer and make sure that it is still needed.

Space maintainers are essential to keeping teeth healthy and preventing problems down the road. A kid-friendly dentist can help you decide if a space maintainer is right for your child.

Taking care of space maintainers

Space maintainers should be brushed just like regular teeth. Parents should help their children brush the device and remove any food or plaque that may build up on it. The child should steer clear of sticky foods such as candy or gum, as these can cause the space maintainer to come loose or break.

Parents should take their child to the dentist immediately if the space maintainer does come loose or break. The dentist will assess the damage and decide if the device needs to be repaired or replaced.

What happens if space maintainers are not correctly worn?

If space maintainers are not worn as directed, there is a risk that the permanent teeth will not grow in correctly. This can lead to problems such as crowding, shifting, and misalignment of the teeth. Space maintainers are a simple and effective way to keep teeth healthy and prevent problems down the road.

How long does it take to get a space maintainer?

It generally takes two to three weeks to get a space maintainer. The first meeting is for the dentist to take impressions of the child's teeth and make models of their mouth. The second appointment is when the space maintainer is fitted and bonded in place.

Our pediatric dentist provides space maintainers

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