Child’s First Dental Checkup: 3 Things to Eliminate Their Fears

Childs First Dental Checkup Richmond, TX

A child's first dental checkup

Dental anxiety and fear can begin at any age, but it can be a particularly difficult issue among children. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that you take your child to their first dental checkup within six months of the eruption of their first tooth. Starting the dental visits early in life may help prevent the development of dental anxiety and fear. It may also help keep their teeth healthy and promote good oral hygiene habits.

These three things may have an effect on your child's first dental checkup:

Your role in the dental visit

Children may feel fear when visiting a dentist. They can be afraid of being separated from their parents or being injured. A dentist who is trained to treat dental issues among children may know how to help your child cope with their fears and anxiety. However, you can also help put them at ease.

Here’s a list of what you can do to help the dental visit go smoothly:

  • You may tell your child about the visits and answer their questions with simple answers. Let the dentist answer complex and detailed inquiries. They are trained to describe procedures to children in an easy-to-understand language.
  • Do not share about an unpleasant dental experience.
  • Point out the value of maintaining healthy teeth and gums.
  • You may give a reward when their appointment is over. Give them something to look forward to. 

The dentist’s role

Your child may express their fear of the dentist in various ways. They may cry or throw tantrums. Dentists often have techniques to ease children’s fear and anxiety.

A dentist who does the following may be able to successfully help your child:

  • Talks in a friendly voice
  • Uses simple words to describe a procedure
  • Tells stories or engages your child in conversion as a means of drawing their attention away from the procedure
  • Uses body language to reinforce positive behavior and discourage negative behavior

Visit before the actual appointment

If your child is having anxiety and fears before the appointment, you can ask your dentist if you can come for an introduction. It can be scary for children to visit a new place. You may go to the dental office before any procedure takes place to help your child adjust to the atmosphere of the clinic and to eliminate anxiety and fear.

It is important for your child to have a positive experience during their first dental appointment. You may find a dental office that suits you and your family’s needs. A practice that features entertaining, friendly and patient staff can help keep your child from developing a continuing fear of oral health care providers. After the appointment, you may also discuss your child's feelings about the visit. 

If you are looking for a dental office that can help eliminate your child’s fear of the dentist, contact us today. We have a kid-friendly environment with staff that can explain dental procedures well.

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