Common Kids Dental Emergency Visits

Common Kids Dental Emergency Visits from Grand Parkway Pediatric Dental in Richmond, TXA pediatric dental emergency often triggers panic in the children themselves and some parents. Keeping your peace of mind is important during this crisis. Comforting the child is a priority and can make the trip to the pediatric dentist easier. Here are the details if you want to know more about the common kids' dental emergency visits.

Knocked-out primary tooth

A kid's dental emergency can happen after a sports injury, a bad fall, or a collision. First, looking for the tooth is important. Cleaning the tooth by moving it around in clean water is enough. Refraining from touching the roots can keep the tooth re-implantable. Placing the tooth in milk will keep the tooth alive.

The pediatric dentist will re-implant the tooth to keep the developing permanent tooth intact. Giving the child sterile gauze in the gap can help stop the bleeding. In addition, keeping the child calm during the ride to the dentist can make the experience less stressful.

Bitten or cut cheek, tongue, or lip

This is a painful kids dental emergency. It often involves pain, swelling, and bleeding. Staying calm can help the child stay calm as well. Cleaning the area with clean water can remove any debris.

Applying a cold compress can help ease the pain and swelling. Placing sterile gauze with a little pressure can also help stop the bleeding. Going to the pediatric dentist is necessary if the swelling is too much. There could be something lodged in the tissue that needs extraction.

Knocked-out permanent tooth

Bringing the child to the pediatric dentist must happen right away for this kid's dental emergency, as it could result from head trauma. Checking for other injuries is important as well. Holding the tooth by the crown is important as it will keep the tooth root intact. Placing the tooth in milk will keep it moist until the child gets to the dental clinic.

Possible fractured jaw

Handling this kids dental emergency with caution is important. Applying a cold compress on the jaw can help control the swelling. Keeping the child’s jaw from moving will help keep the pain at a tolerable level. Calling the dentist will inform the clinic about the kids dental emergency.

Severe tooth pain

Cleaning the child’s teeth can rule out food stuck in the tooth. Using dental floss to remove the piece of food can help. A cavity, crack, chip, or abscess needs a kids dental emergency visit. Bringing the child to the emergency pediatric dentist right away can give relief. Placing a cold compress on the side of the face where the toothache is can help ease the pain and swelling during transit.

Loose or lost dental fillings

A loose or lost filling exposes the affected tooth to bacteria and food particles. If the tooth does not get another filling right away, more infection and sensitivity could happen, eventually resulting in tooth loss. Bringing the child to the dentist right away can help end the discomfort and save the tooth.

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A kids dental emergency must receive proper treatment right away

Staying calm while moving as quickly as possible is an essential strategy during a dental emergency. Keeping your child comfortable and secure can help make the situation manageable. Calling ahead will inform the clinic and allow us to prepare for your child's dental emergency visit. Knowing that the incident is a true dental emergency can save you time and effort.

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