Early Kids Teeth Straightening Checkups

Early Kids Teeth Straightening Checkups from Grand Parkway Pediatric Dental in Richmond, TXAt one point, you will face the reality that your kids are old enough to have teeth straightening. It usually happens before the kids turn seven years old. You need to take them to a dentist because the kids have a mix of primary and permanent teeth by then. That first visit will give the pediatric dentist a wealth of information about the development of the jaw. It will also provide them with a glimpse of how the permanent teeth are growing.

The kids should see a dentist the moment they start growing teeth. Parents should also take the kids to a pediatric dentist once the permanent teeth come up, which is around seven years old. The dentist will need to see if the teeth are growing at the right angle. If not, they will advise the kids to get teeth straightened.

Why kids need teeth straightening

Teeth straightening or braces will align the upper and lower jaw. Crooked, overlapping, and overcrowded teeth need braces. There is also a condition called “bad bite” or malocclusion. It is when there is a huge difference between the size of the upper and lower jaw. When the upper jaw is bigger, that is called an overbite. When the lower jaw protrudes, that is called an underbite.

There are many reasons why kids need braces. Sometimes, parents do not even have to take them to the dentist. The signs will be obvious. These are the telltale signs that kids will need a teeth straightening procedure:

  • Early, late, or irregular loss of baby teeth
  • Difficulty in biting
  • Breathing through the mouth
  • Sucking on fingers
  • Crowded teeth
  • Jaws that shift and make sounds
  • Biting the cheek or roof of the mouth
  • Gaps between the teeth
  • Jaws that are out of proportion

Age that kids get braces

There is no specific age when kids need braces. Experts suggest taking the kids to a dentist once the first tooth comes out. Then, before the kids turn seven, parents should take them to a dentist who does teeth straightening procedures. Most kids will get braces between nine and 14 years old.

Many reasons that lead to kids needing braces appear early in life. These conditions—overcrowding and malocclusion, for example—can affect early development. Some problems can develop over time. It is never too early or late to visit a dentist. Even adults can still have their teeth corrected through straightening.

The earlier, the better

Although there is no definite time when kids need braces, it is advisable to get them a teeth straightening procedure as early as possible. Dentists will have an easier time correcting any teeth and jaw problems early in the kids’ lives. By the time the kids reach college, they may remove the braces already. A regular visit to the dentist will still be necessary, but not to make adjustments on the braces anymore.

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Listen to the dentist

Make going to the dentist a habit for the whole family. The earlier you take your kids to the dentist, the earlier the dentists can make interventions. Sometimes, the kids might not even need teeth straightening to fix the teeth and jaw problems. Other correction methods include removing a stubborn baby tooth or a palate expander.

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