Easing Anxiety Around Cavity Treatment for Kids

Cavity Treatment For Kids Richmond, TX

A dentist might recommend cavity treatment for kids if one or more of your child’s teeth have been impacted by tooth decay. Decay is one of the most common issues pediatric dentists treat. It is caused by acids produced in the mouth by oral bacteria. These acids eat away at teeth enamel, forming tiny holes called cavities.

Cavities are minor dental issues that can be easily treated with cavity treatments for kids like fillings, but they can evolve into more serious dental issues like a tooth breaking apart or becoming infected. An infected tooth counts as a dental emergency since the infection can spread to the jawbone or other parts of the body like the brain where its effects can be life-threatening.

Dealing with anxiety while performing cavity treatment for kids

Dental anxiety can make even routine dental appointments seem like a nightmare for your child. The expertise of a pediatric dentist can be very helpful here since these dentists receive up to four years of additional training learning how to provide dental care for young children and the issues they struggle with like anxiety.

A dental clinic is a scary place for a child. It is an unfamiliar environment, and the child has to sit still for up to an hour while treatments are being performed. To make things worse, the child also has to deal with all sorts of unfamiliar equipment and tools being inserted into their mouth. It is an experience that equally terrifies many adults.

Dental anxiety should be addressed as early as possible, so it does not hinder the child’s ability to get treatments as they get older. Many adults with dental anxiety have poor dental health since they typically avoid going to a dentist until some existing issues become so bad, the pain and discomfort become greater than their fear of the dentist.

Simple things a dentist can do to help make a child feel more comfortable when getting treatments for cavities include:

  • Administering dental sedatives: The dentist might recommend sedatives like nitrous oxide – which is a fast-acting gas that makes children feel happy and relaxed. Oral sedatives might be prescribed if the child’s anxiety starts before they get to the clinic, and stronger sedatives might be recommended if the child needs a lot of work done on their teeth
  • Creating the right atmosphere: A pediatric dentist sets the mood for the child’s appointment by making their clinic a fun and relaxing place for children. Walls might be covered with all sorts of cool animations, while the waiting room is filled with toys. These distractions help to take the child’s mind off any anxiety they are experiencing.
  • Hiring child-friendly staff: How staff members interact with a child can help to keep them relaxed. Assistants at pediatric dental clinics typically have additional training on how to properly take care of children

Get treatment for your child’s cavities

Do not let your child’s cavities morph into something worse. Call or visit our Richmond clinic to schedule a consultation with our dentist.

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