Family Dentist vs Kids Dental Specialist

Kids Dental Specialist Richmond, TX

A kids dental specialist or family dentist can provide you and your loved ones with the dental care you need. Naturally, you want your children to get the highest level of care possible, and you also want to spend less time chauffeuring family members to their appointments.

Figuring out if you are better off with a kids dental specialist or family dentist

To better understand the similarities and differences between a kids dental specialist and a family dentist, let us take a closer look at these two specialties:

1. Family dentist

A family dentist is a general dentistry professional who can provide treatments for all members of your family. Instead of focusing on one branch of dentistry like an orthodontist or oral surgeon, these oral professionals get additional training that equips them to deal with the different needs of the members of a family. General dentists often restrict the age of patients they treat, but family dentists take on all comers.

Family dentists focus on preventative treatments and general dental treatments. Patients with extreme dental issues are often referred to a specialist.

2. Kid friendly dentist

Also known as a pediatric dentist, these are dentists who get four additional years of training that focuses on administering dental treatments to young patients and the needs of their growing mouth. These are the dentists who know how to keep children relaxed during treatments and understand their unique needs.

They undergo more training than a family dentist, and they are equipped to tackle any issue a family dentist treats. Pediatric dentists often turn their clinics into a dental play area for children to make the experience more memorable for them. That includes child-centric equipment that is smaller and less intimidating than some of the tools you would find at a conventional clinic. People with young children should give them the best care available by taking them to a pediatric dentist who can handle all of their needs.

Some of the benefits of choosing a pediatric dentist for your child’s dental needs include:

  • These oral professionals have more experience treating kids, especially those with special needs
  • A kid-friendly dentist provides a more comfortable and fun environment for children
  • Children find the tools and equipment they use less scary
  • They have a unique understanding of how a child’s teeth are supposed to develop

Kid friendly dentist vs. family dentist

In many cases, you do not have to choose between either. Both types of dentists can often be found under one roof. For example, parents can find a pediatric dentist at many family practices. If you do have to choose one for your child though, a kid friendly dentist can provide a higher level of care for infants and young children.

Starting a child off on the right track early on when it comes to dental care typically leads to a life free of major dental issues. It can also help to instill good oral hygiene habits early on. Give us a call or stop by our Richmond clinic to set up an appointment.

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