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You may have thought that pediatric dentistry is the right choice for dental care. You should first understand a few things about these practices. There are benefits to getting treatment here that a general dentist cannot offer. Your children deserve the most effective care for their oral health. Before you choose a dentist, learn about what a pediatric dentistry office does. You can then make the right decision and know that your kids are in good hands.

What are the issues that pediatric dentistry handles?

Like any dental office, a pediatric dentistry practice does preventive and restorative treatments. The dentist can diagnose, treat, and prevent conditions such as cavities and gum disease. The dentist can repair broken, chipped, and cracked teeth as well. When a child visits the dental office, there will also be care such as fluoride treatments, sealants, and tooth extractions. The dentist can also help with pediatric dentistry emergency procedures such as root canals.

When does a child need to come in for a dental checkup?

Parents should start taking kids to the pediatric dentist as soon as the child has teeth. Some dentists recommend that children come beginning at 6 months of age. Patients should visit the dentist every six months. It is also important to go anytime the child has tooth pain or damage to any teeth. If the child has swollen or bleeding gums, a visit should occur before the next scheduled wellness checkup. Visits to the pediatric dentistry office should continue until the child has reached age 18.

What are the things that set a pediatric dentistry office apart from a general practice?

A pediatric dentist has more training than a general dentist when it comes to treating children. A dentist who focuses on pediatrics will have at least two more years of education. The person will learn about techniques and procedures specific to younger patients. Also, a pediatric dentistry office will have a different atmosphere.

General dentist’s offices are more professional and appeal to older patients. A pediatric clinic will try to make the kids feel comfortable. These offices will have décor and amenities designed for younger children. Elements such as artwork and toys will help kids not be nervous or anxious about their visit.

What can the dentist do for worried patients and parents?

It is not uncommon for young patients to be scared of going to the dentist’s office. A pediatric dentist has spent years learning how to effectively comfort and calm such patients. The dentist may use sedation for restorative treatments. The dentist will also thoroughly explain dental processes to the kids and parents. The dentist also has training on how to work with patients with special needs. The entire staff will become well acquainted with the patient and be aware of the child’s health concerns.

What will happen during the child’s first dental checkup?

The first pediatric dentistry visit is simple and quick. This is the time for the child to get used to the clinic, the dentistry, and the staff. The dentist will check the child’s teeth, gums, and jaw. There could be a need for dental X-rays. These imaging scans can help create a baseline for caring for the child’s teeth.

The dentist will start performing the pediatric dentistry checkup by cleaning the child’s mouth. This process will allow the dentist to know the child’s gums and teeth. It can help find out the child’s risk of cavities. After cleaning the teeth, the dentist will apply fluoride varnish. This will strengthen and protect the child’s teeth from decay.

How should a parent prepare the child for the first pediatric dentistry appointment?

Parents must have a positive attitude before the dental clinic visit. If the parent is positive about the appointment, the child will also have a positive attitude about it. Any negative emotion, such as nervousness, will cause anxiety in the child. The parent must inspect the child’s mouth every day at home before and after brushing. This will make the child used to mouth inspections.

Why care for baby teeth?

Primary teeth are important for the eruption of adult teeth. These teeth must stay in place to guide the erupting permanent teeth. That is why caring for them is important. Losing baby teeth too early can make the neighboring teeth move into the dental space. This can cause dental issues like dental misalignment.

Feeling good about your child’s dentist

You do not want to send your son or daughter to just any dentist. A pediatric dentist makes the most sense for your children’s oral health care. You probably have questions about what makes a pediatric dentistry office the right choice. Learning more about what this dentist can offer will help you and your child feel more at ease about each appointment.

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