How To Find a Great Dentist for Kids

Dentist For Kids Richmond, TX

A dentist for kids understands the importance of childhood oral health, from a child's birth until adulthood. Children may start to grow baby teeth around six months old and lose their teeth at about 6 years old. Kids require dental care to ensure that they do not develop cavities, infections, bite issues, or a fear of dental care providers.

To ensure your children receive proper care, you need a dentist who regularly works with kids.

4 strategies for finding a dentist for kids

Finding a dental provider for your children may not feel easy. Kids infamously dislike dental appointments. Many young patients may feel anxious, squirm, or fight dental care at first. Not only do parents want good care for their children, but they do not want them to have a traumatic experience, either. When looking for dental care for children, you need to balance the different components that make a good dentist for kids.

Look to your community

Talk to other parents about their dental care. You and your children may feel more comfortable with a dentist that you know has the support of family and friends in your local community. Ask other parents about the atmosphere of the office. How do their children handle dental appointments? Some of the most helpful parents will likely have children who get various services from a dentist.

People you may want to ask include:

  • Parents of your children's friends
  • Local pharmacists, doctors, and other healthcare professionals
  • Teachers and school staff
  • Family members who see dentists within your area

Reputation matters when looking for any dental provider. Find out how involved dentists are within your local community. You may find some dentists have a higher reputation or reach out and help with local matters. Likewise, be wary of practitioners who other community members seem to avoid.

Find dentists who focus on kids

Many general dentists have experience working with children. When looking for a dental provider, think about the office's atmosphere. Dental offices with a high percentage of child patients cater to them. Children require different types of dental care as opposed to parents. After all, your children have growing and developing teeth.

Some parents believe that baby teeth do not matter to the same extent as adult teeth. After all, your children lose their baby teeth. However, if your children do not have a good foundation for brushing their teeth and maintaining oral wellness, they may not treat their teeth well in adulthood. If children lose their teeth too soon, it can cause infections and other problems with the gums. In some cases, losing teeth too early can cause developmental issues with adult teeth. Without baby teeth, adult teeth may not erupt where they belong. A good dentist understands the importance of a child's teeth and how to protect them.

Check online conversations

The internet serves as a valuable tool to gauge how well a dentist performs with children. Most dental offices have reviews. Likewise, you can find different reviews online. Look for people talking about dentists. You may even choose to post a question on social media, asking people in your community about certain dental professionals. When looking at reviews, you can find various details about potential practitioners.

For example, you may find out the dentist's bedside manner, experience level, and background.

Follow your instincts

Your first impression of a dentist can tell you a lot about your children's possible care. Practitioners should listen to your concerns, answer your questions, and explain the significance of any treatments your children need. Bring questions along with you to the appointment.

Bringing your children to a dentist for kids sets them up for a lifetime of good dental habits. While your children may initially feel hesitant and afraid of dentists, an experienced practitioner should know how to alleviate some of that fear. They have a suitable bedside manner and work gently with kids to help them feel more comfortable. You and your children's comfort should take priority. Before you decide, make sure that you can picture your children continuing care in the office.


Finding a dentist for kids does not have to feel like an overwhelming process. Children who go to the dentist regularly throughout their childhood have a higher likelihood of continuing to see a dentist throughout their life. Focusing on your kids' oral health can help them establish a lifetime of good habits for their teeth.

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