How a Kid Friendly Dentist Can Help Improve Your Child’s Smile

How a Kid Friendly Dentist Can Help Improve Your Child’s Smile from Grand Parkway Pediatric Dental in Richmond, TXA kid-friendly dentist can help improve a child’s smile in various ways. While their primary focus is on oral health, kid-friendly dentists offer services that have cosmetic benefits, as well. The following review highlights the types of dental services that kid-friendly dentists offer that can improve a child’s smile.

Kid-friendly dentist services that offer cosmetic benefits

Every dentist has their own services that they offer. However, as it pertains to kid-friendly dentists, in particular, there are certain services that are more common. This includes teeth cleaning, cavity fillings, and orthodontic care, all of which offer some level of cosmetic benefit.

Teeth cleaning

Routine teeth cleanings are performed primarily for preventive measures. It is a common procedure that removes plaque and tartar build-up that develops over time. This build-up cannot be removed through brushing alone. When plaque and tartar accumulate on teeth, it can cause teeth stains and dark spots on teeth, which cause a cosmetic concern. Therefore, for parents who want to improve their child’s smile, a teeth cleaning is a great place to start.

Cavity fillings

Cavity fillings are common among children as they can be vulnerable to teeth decay. Cavities create undesirable dark spots on teeth that can affect a child’s smile. Of course, they also pose a significant oral health risk and can cause discomfort. Dentists can use tooth-colored material to fill in cavities on more visible teeth to improve the child’s smile.

Orthodontic care

Many kid-friendly dentists offer orthodontic care. This treats misalignments of the teeth and jaw to improve the child’s smile and make it easier for them to floss and brush each day. Orthodontic treatment typically includes braces and clear aligners. Some also offer early orthodontic care. This involves treatment to reduce the risk of the child developing alignment concerns once their permanent teeth fully emerge and develop.

Oral hygiene education

Kid-friendly dentists can help improve a child’s smile, but the majority of the work takes place at home through good oral hygiene and making smart dietary choices. Dentists can help educate both the child and the parent on how to properly brush and floss, how dietary choices can have an impact on the appearance of the child’s smile, and more.

Teeth whitening (for older kids)

Many kid-friendly dentists do not recommend teeth whitening until after all of the permanent teeth have emerged and the enamel has fully calcified. However, some kid-friendly dentists, especially those that treat teenagers, offer teeth whitening. This is a great way to deal with stubborn stains to keep a bright and beautiful smile all year.

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Discuss cosmetic treatment options from a kid-friendly dentist

A beautiful smile even for children can have a huge impact on confidence. If your child has any oral health or cosmetic concerns, then reach out to us today to find out how we can help. We are glad to answer questions and schedule a visit for you to come in and meet with our kid-friendly dental team.

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