Parents’ Guide to a Baby Dental Crown Procedure

Baby Dental Crown Richmond, TX

A Baby Dental Crown procedure may be required if a child has a severely decayed or damaged primary tooth. A dental crown is a tooth-shaped cap bonded over the tooth to restore its shape and function. The crown repairs the structure of the primary tooth and allows it to remain in place until it is ready to fall out on its own.

The need for a baby dental crown procedure

Children's teeth are like adult teeth, except that they do not last as long. As such, many parents believe that it is not a big deal if baby teeth are lost prematurely, since they will be replaced by permanent teeth. However, this idea is erroneous. The first set of teeth play an important role in the mouth. It helps the child chew food properly and speak and affects the child's self-esteem.

Sometimes, the child's teeth need more than just a dental filling. Because a baby tooth is much smaller than an adult one, it does not take too many cavities to damage the tooth significantly. Parents often wonder why pediatric dentists recommend crowns for baby teeth, but it is typically to save the teeth for the same reasons to save adult teeth. Crowning a baby tooth makes it reliable for the time it will spend in the jaw.

Types of dental crowns for primary teeth

The location of the decayed or damaged tooth determines the type of crown to be used. Ready-made plastic crowns, customized to match the child's existing teeth are used for front teeth.

If a crown is required for a back tooth, the dentist will use stainless-steel crowns. These are highly durable for teeth that handle most chewing. Since they are in the back, their appearance is not an issue.

Dental crown placement

The process of placing crowns over baby teeth takes only one dental appointment, unlike adult dental crowns that require multiple visits. Before beginning the procedure, the dental specialist will apply a local anesthetic to numb the tooth and the surrounding tissues completely. They will place a dental dam around the teeth and proceed to clean the teeth. The barrier protects the child's cheek and gums and helps keep the tooth isolated and dry throughout the process.

After cleaning the tooth, they will shape it to accommodate the new baby dental crown. The process is easy and straightforward and should not cause any pain to the baby. For stainless-steel crowns, the pediatric dentist will fill the crown with dental cement and press it over the tooth. Once the crown is in place, excess cement and debris will be cleaned off.

For strip crowns, the dentist will place composite material into a plastic tooth-shaped shell and use a special light to harden the composite. The shell will be removed, leaving the finished crown ready for placement.

In conclusion

The child may experience slight discomfort after the baby dental crown procedure. Over-the-counter pain meds can help. Oral hygiene is important to keep the child's teeth healthy. For more information, please contact the dental office.

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