Treating a Child’s Tooth Pain at Home

Toothaches can be debilitating for everyone. Located so close to the center of all your senses, toothaches can derail everything. Now, imagine the toothache is happening to a child who does not understand of what is happening and when it will end.

You probably do not have to imagine if you are reading this guide, but if you need help managing your child’s toothache, read below for helpful tips.

What is the cause of tooth pain?

Tooth pain can be caused by any number of problems, many of them difficult to diagnose without a dentist. A loose tooth is one of the more obvious reasons and common in children. A cavity can also cause tooth pain, as can damage (caused by physical trauma) or gum disease.

Schedule a dental appointment as soon as possible to determine the exact cause.

Medications that can safely help

Giving medication to children can be tricky, but there are options that can help. Generally, stick to acetaminophen (like Tylenol) or ibuprofen that is formulated specifically for infant or children, depending on the age. Do not give them aspirin or any other form of painkiller, and make sure to follow the dosage rules on the box.

Avoid any over-the-counter teething tablets; they sometimes have dangerous ingredients, like belladonna, that are actually poisonous. Also, avoid things like amber teething bracelets; they have not been proven to help and can end up as choking or strangling hazards for small children.

Try a cold compress

An icepack can be effective at reducing swelling and pain temporarily. Try to use a flexible icepack like a gelpack instead of a hard pack. Flexible icepacks conform to the jaw better and are less likely to further injure the area.

Rinse with saltwater

Try creating a warm saltwater rinse with a cup of water and a tablespoon of salt. Have the child rinse with the saltwater whenever the pain crops up. Not only can it dull the area, saltwater can actually kill bacteria and make the mouth inhospitable for future bacteria to grow.

Try flossing

Sometimes, tooth pain is caused by bits of food that have been trapped between the teeth. These bits of food decay and rot, causing irritation in the surrounding gums. Flossing near the affected tooth is a good way to eliminate any food particles that may be causing the pain, and it will reduce the amount of bacteria in the area.

Consider visiting a dentist

Of course, most of these are stop-gap measures. If the pain does not go away in a day (or if you are not interested in waiting, which is totally understandable), contact your dentist right away to get the situation taken care of.

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