Treatments from a Pediatric Dentist for Your Child’s Damaged Tooth

Posted on: June 8, 2019

As a parent, the last thing you want is to have to take your child to a pediatric dentist to treat dental trauma. However, children are hyperactive in nature and love to run around. You cannot stop all accidents. The best option as a parent is to prepare yourself for if your child damages a tooth. Ensure you have a reliable pediatric dentist to call in the case of a dental injury.

Damage to baby teeth

If your child’s baby tooth is knocked out, you will most likely not need to reinsert it. When the tooth falls out, you will need to carry out basic first aid. Apply pressure on the gum using a clean washcloth. Ask your child to bite down carefully on the area. This will help reduce bleeding. Check the child’s mouth to ensure only the tooth was affected by the injury. If the gums bleed severely or the jaw bone seems damaged, visit the emergency room.


Book an emergency appointment with a pediatric dentist. The child’s dentist may ask you to bring the damaged tooth to the appointment for an assessment. Depending on the nature of the damage, the dentist may suggest X-ray scans to ensure that there is no nerve damage or damage to a developing adult tooth. The X-ray will also help uncover the presence of tooth fragments embedded in the gum, which may affect the development of adult teeth.

A knocked-out baby tooth will not greatly hinder speech development, although it may cause a small lisp. If the tooth is chipped or broken, the pediatric dentist will determine if the tooth can be repaired. Otherwise, it will have to be removed.

Damage to permanent teeth

If a permanent tooth is damaged or knocked out, you need to visit the dental office immediately. Prompt response to these injuries will help increase the chances of saving the tooth.

Before getting to the dentist’s office, be careful only to hold the tooth by the crown and never by the root. Afterward, you should carefully rinse off dirt and attempt to place the tooth back into position. If that is not an option, store the tooth in milk until you get to the dentist. It is essential that the tooth does not dry out to prevent additional damage.


At the pediatric dentist’s office, the extent of the trauma will be evaluated. They will recommend the appropriate treatment. If the tooth is chipped or broken, the dentist may use dental bonding or veneers to repair the damaged tooth. If the knocked-out tooth cannot be restored, a dental implant would be an ideal solution to restore the lost tooth. The dentist may refer the child to other specialists if advanced treatment is required.

Preventing injuries

To prevent injuries to your child’s teeth, the pediatric dentist may recommend a mouthguard for use during sports. You can also prevent your child from biting on hard substances like ice and candy. Routine dental visits and proper oral hygiene is essential to keep a child’s teeth healthy and strong. If your child damages a tooth, call our office immediately for quick treatment.

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