What to Expect When Visiting a Kid Friendly Dentist

What to Expect When Visiting a Kid Friendly Dentist from Grand Parkway Pediatric Dental in Richmond, TXA kid-friendly dentist offers specialized care for children of all ages. During a visit with a kid-friendly dentist, parents can expect them to perform diagnostic services such as dental X-rays and an oral examination. They may also perform a routine cleaning or general restorative work too.

How a visit with a kid-friendly dentist works

Every kid-friendly dentist has its own process for treating patients. However, there is a typical process that most follow during a consultation visit. The following is a review of what parents and children can expect when visiting a kid-friendly dentist for the first time.

Dental X-rays

After a quick chat with the dentist, dental X-rays may be ordered. Dental X-rays, also called dental radiographs, are almost always required on the very first visit with a kid-friendly dentist. This allows the dentist to get a clear idea of the status of the child’s oral health, and they may miss oral health concerns without the dental X-rays. They are non-invasive and completely safe for children.

An oral examination

Also as a part of the diagnostic process, the dentist also performs an oral examination on the first visit. This is simply a professional look at the child’s teeth, gums, cheeks, etc. to check the status of oral health. The dentist can document any notable concerns (i.e. cavities) and add them as a part of the treatment plan.

Answering parent questions

After the dental X-rays and oral examination, the kid-friendly dentist may go over a recommended treatment plan. This can include treating dental cavities and other oral health concerns or it may be much simpler if the child does not have any oral health concerns that need treatment. The parents are also encouraged and welcomed to ask any questions they may have.

Routine cleaning

The dentist may recommend a routine cleaning on the same day as long as the child and parents are comfortable with doing so during the visit. If not, they can schedule a follow-up visit for the cleaning. Routine cleanings are non-invasive and do not take long to complete. It involves the removal of plaque and tartar build-up on teeth and along the gum line.

Additional treatment

As mentioned, children with dental cavities and other oral health concerns may need additional treatment. While many kid-friendly dentists wait for a follow-up visit to perform restorative services, some may recommend same-day treatment, especially if the restorative care is urgent. This can include dental fillings, dental sealants, and dental crowns.

Follow-up visit

Lastly, the kid-friendly dentist can schedule a follow-up visit before leaving. This either involves additional treatment or the next check-up and cleaning. They may also send the parents home with educational information to help the child better care for their oral health at home. The staff may also provide a toothbrush, fluoride treatments, etc. depending on the child’s needs.

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