Warning Signs of Kids’ Tooth Infections

It is reasonable as a parent to be concerned about the health and safety of your child. When you observe any irregularity with your child, like a change in behavior or an illness, you know it is not good.

When it comes to your child’s dental health, many issues can cause tooth infection. And as for every medical condition, early detection and treatment are essential if you want to increase your chances of total recovery. In this article, we will cover important warning signs of kids' tooth infections that you should know.

Mouth or jaw pain

If an otherwise happy child suddenly starts holding on to their jaw, whimpering, it may be a case of an infection or issue with their wisdom teeth. If it is an infection, the pain can be quite unbearable for your child.

Bacteria do not need ample space to cause infection the child’s teeth — a tiny crack or fracture can become the entry point into the tooth where bacteria would begin infecting the bones, tissues and nerves. If you discover your child is suffering from severe pain in their mouth or jaw area, you need to book an appointment with a pediatric dentist before the infection turns into a severe condition.

Swollen or bleeding gums

It is normal for kids' teeth to be sensitive occasionally, but if you discover their gums often bleed and appear inflamed, swollen or irritated, then it could be a sign of an infection.

A normal gum color should appear consistent throughout — not overly red, but a cool pink shade. If you realize a particular area is inflamed, then gum disease or oral infection may be imminent.

Bad breath (halitosis)

If you notice that your child has bad breath despite brushing regularly and using mouthwash, then there is a problem — not just from a health perspective, but also when it comes to self-esteem. Bad breath is a result of excessive bacteria accumulation in the mouth. The bacteria can exist in gum pockets, between the teeth or on the tongue. In many cases, people use tongue scrapers to clear excess bacteria off the tongue surface.

Recurring mouth ulcers

No one, whether they are children or adults, finds mouth ulcers pleasant. Although medical experts are unable to determine the real cause, if your child is dealing with painful episodes of mouth ulcers repeatedly, then a visit to the pediatric dentist may be necessary.

Loose or stained teeth

When children lose their baby teeth, the permanent ones soon replace them. However, if you discover one or more of your child’s teeth have special stains, it could be the warning sign of a severe issue like an infection or nerve damage.

Sensitivity to cold or hot liquids

There are days when kids' teeth will be mildly sensitive, but if the condition becomes continuous, it could be the sign of a decaying or infected tooth that could end up affecting the nerves and the surrounding tissues of the tooth.

The bottom line

Keeping your child’s teeth healthy is not just about the aesthetic appeal. Leaving oral health conditions untreated can worsen the situation quickly, which is why you should learn to watch out for the warning signs of kids' tooth infections.

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