What Are the Benefits of Digital X-Rays at a Pediatric Dentistry Office?

Digital X Rays Richmond, TX

There is still some worry about getting pediatric dentistry digital X-rays. Parents tend to question if this type of diagnostic exam will not harm their children. That is why dentists explain this imaging test before the child is subjected to it. If you want to know more about digital X-rays during pediatric dentistry checkups, here are the benefits to remember.

Has significantly less radiation

Children are always exposed to radiation every day. Even so, dentists want to make sure that their young patients do not have additional radiation exposure. It is good to know that digital radiography reduces radiation levels by 75%. Although this is a healthier option to scan the oral cavity, the dental team still uses lead aprons to protect the operator and the patient.

Makes kids comfortable during dental visits

Many children have issues with pediatric dentistry checkups. The goal of the dentist is to make sure that the child remains comfortable and calm during each visit. With digital X-rays, the imaging process is quick and easy. The dentist can take as many images as possible without taking too long.

Experienced dentists can even make the X-ray room calming and entertaining for the child. After taking the images, the dentist can seat the child in front of the computer monitor. The child can then see the actual X-rays. This allows the child to become involved with the pediatric dentistry checkup.

Makes record-keeping and image preservation much better

Traditional X-ray films do not last for years. Digital X-rays can last for decades in the dental clinic’s database. The dentist can keep high-quality images as references each year. This is a convenient way to keep a record of the child’s dental health history. Such clear records can help the dentist create more accurate treatment plans. The dentist can also share the images with another dental health provider if the need arises.

Saves valuable time during emergency visits

Some children have pediatric dentistry emergencies. In this type of visit, the dentist must treat the patient right away. Retrieving records can be slow if the dentist uses traditional X-rays. The dentist will need to rummage through the hard copy files for the right X-rays. This delays the urgent pediatric dentistry treatment that the child needs.

Digital X-rays are easy to access. These images can show the patient’s dental history in a few scrolls and clicks. The waiting time does not take long. The young patient can then receive proper treatment in no time at all. Immediate pediatric dentistry treatment means quick relief. The child’s pain and discomfort can go away without delay.

Provides enhanced images and easy image manipulation

Most traditional X-rays become inaccurate because young patients tend to have difficulty staying still. Digital X-rays are more efficient in capturing the necessary pediatric dentistry images. Clear images can help the dentist create correct diagnoses. Digital images are also easy to enlarge. This allows the dentist to see hidden dental problems as well.

Digital X-rays for children

Compared to traditional dental X-rays, digital X-rays cannot place children at risk. On the contrary, these X-rays can contribute to the improvement of a child’s dental health. It can help detect dental problems that a physical dental inspection cannot. The dentist will have the child wear a shield and body aprons for extra protection during the X-rays.

The need for digital dental X-rays

A simple physical dental exam cannot reveal what the child’s dental issues truly are. Digital dental X-rays can see cysts, gum disease, and lesions. Detecting dental issues in the early stages can bring about immediate treatments. This will prevent the need for complicated treatments when the child grows up.

The dentist can see and assess the formation of the child’s developing dental structures through these dental X-rays. Pediatric dentistry can provide solutions to problems like misalignments, extra teeth, or missing teeth. It can also keep an eye on the slightest changes in the child’s teeth with this diagnostic exam. This helps provide the child with good dental health from day one.

The frequency of getting digital dental X-rays

Young patients often need digital dental X-rays once each year. But kids with a high risk of dental problems will need more digital X-rays. That way, the dentist can keep an eye on the progress of dental treatments. Pediatric dentistry recommends more digital X-rays to see how the child’s dental structures are developing.

Digital X-rays in pediatric dentistry checkups can help the dentist provide better treatments

A child must be comfortable and relaxed during imaging exams. It is a good thing that digital X-rays are relaxing and even entertaining to young patients. These X-rays make pediatric dentistry checkups and treatments faster and less tedious. This makes it easier for dentists to diagnose and conduct procedures.

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