What Is a Pain Free Pediatric Dentist?

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Seeing a pain free pediatric dentist makes dental visits more pleasant for children. Dental anxiety is a common issue that affects people of all ages, and a fear of pain is one of its leading causes. Painful experiences at the dental clinic as a child can lead to a person developing a fear of dentists as an adult.

Likewise, children who have had pleasant experiences at the clinic are less likely to develop dental anxiety as adults.

What does a pain free pediatric dentist do?

Making dental experiences as pleasant as possible helps to develop positive memories of being at the dentist's office. Some of the ways a pediatric dentist can make your child’s experience at the clinic pain-free include:

1. Painless injections

Fear of injections is a common cause of dental anxiety, and it typically emerges out of a fear of pain. Most people do not like getting injections, and the idea of getting one can send those with dental anxiety into full-blown panic mode.

Pain-free dentistry often involves using topical anesthetics to minimize the pain caused by an injection. The anesthetic numbs the area being injected, so the child might only feel a slight sensation as the substance injected flows into their tissues.

Dentists also use special needles that are extremely thin to help patients get past their fear of injections. The smaller diameter of these injections typically leads to less pain. Eliminating the fear of injections makes children feel more comfortable about going to the dentist.

2. Dental sedatives

Dental sedatives can help relax children who fear dentists, and they help to minimize any pain experienced during treatments. Nitrous oxide is a commonly used dental sedative that is safe for children. It is a fast-acting gas that takes effect within minutes, and it keeps the child relaxed and happy during treatments. Pain is the last thing on a child’s mind when under the influence of nitrous oxide. It typically leads to happy feelings and outbursts of laughter; hence why it is commonly known as "laughing gas". A pediatric dentist might also explore other options like oral or IV sedatives.

3. Local anesthetics

Pediatric dentists typically use local anesthetics whenever treatments that would otherwise cause pain are performed. These drugs are injected into the area being worked on and numb the area, preventing the patient from feeling pain as the treatment is performed. A topical anesthetic can be used to numb the area being injected to deliver a pain-free experience.

The effects of a local anesthetic can last for a few hours, and it is best to hold off on meals until then. A child can easily bite soft tissues like their tongue or cheeks if they attempt to eat while their mouth is still numb.

Explore painless dentistry

Pain free pediatric dentistry helps your child to develop positive memories about dentists. As a result, they are more likely to visit a dentist regularly as adults, keeping their teeth and gums healthy. Give us a call or visit our Richmond clinic to set up an appointment.

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