Why Going to a Pediatric Dentistry is Important for Proper Oral Hygiene

Why Going to a Pediatric Dentistry is Important for Proper Oral Hygiene from Grand Parkway Pediatric Dental in Richmond, TXParents often ask whether they need to get their children to the pediatric dentistry office. It is not that parents do not care about their kids' dental health; it is just that they assume brushing at home is enough. This would be the case in an ideal world, but the truth is that cavities affect both children and adults at similar rates. Because of this, it is more crucial than ever before that kids have their teeth cleaned and checked regularly.

The importance of oral care in pediatric dentistry

Teeth decay may be attributed to many causes, but the dominant factor is poor oral hygiene. Here are reasons why visiting the pediatric dentistry office is essential for oral hygiene.

It is hard to brush a kid’s teeth.

Even the most conscientious parents have to work to get their children of all ages (from toddlers to elementary schoolers) to sit still long enough to clean their teeth. Unfortunately, it is hard to keep children still for the whole two minutes that dentists recommend for effective teeth brushing. Some plaque may remain on a child's teeth despite their parents' best efforts. If left untreated, plaque may harden into tartar, significantly increasing tooth decay risk.

Children dislike flossing

Furthermore, cavities and tartar may form in the spaces between teeth. Many parents skip flossing because they know their kids dislike the process. Pediatric dental care includes flossing the child's teeth to eliminate plaque between the teeth and the gums.

Children love sugary foods and drinks.

Most children have a preference for sweet items. Some of their favorite treats are ice cream, sugary drinks, and soda. Such factors also contribute to an increased risk of deterioration. Snacks such as fruit chews, a common addition to school lunches, may have high sugar and acid content.

Due to the presence of corn syrup and chocolate chips, even granola bars might be harmful to the child's teeth. There is a direct correlation between the amount of sugar a youngster consumes and the development of cavities and other oral health issues.

Many children eat or drink juice after cleaning their mouths at night

This situation is a problem for infants and young children. "Baby bottle teeth decay" has been coined to describe the phenomenon. If a kid put to bed is thirsty, many parents may give them a bottle of milk or juice. Due to the sugar content, this act increases the risk of tooth decay if left on the teeth overnight.

Pediatric dentistry makes the difference.

Taking care of their child's teeth at home is vital to being a parent. However, it is still tough to pull off. Therefore, dentists are committed to working with parents to reduce this disparity and ensure their children have healthy smiles from an early age. Maintaining children's dental health is crucial, and dental professionals will collaborate.

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In summary

For your child's oral health, please contact our pediatric dentistry office to schedule an appointment or learn more about our services. While you are here, the dentist can check over your kid's teeth, clean them, and give you some pointers on how to keep their smile healthy at home.

Request an appointment or call Grand Parkway Pediatric Dental at 832-579-0960 for an appointment in our Richmond office.

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