Why Preventive Dental Care for Kids Is Vital for Oral Health

Why Preventive Dental Care for Kids Is Vital for Oral Health from Grand Parkway Pediatric Dental in Richmond, TXPracticing preventive dental care for kids can bring benefits to a child’s oral health way into adulthood. This involves taking the time to focus on the health of teeth and gums. You can encourage your child to set a good dental care routine. This can help save the child from complicated dental issues. If you want to know why preventive dental care for kids is important to your child’s oral health, here are the details.

Choosing preventive dental care for kids

The goal of prevention in dental care is to maintain good oral hygiene and health. This can result in good general health. Children have a higher risk of developing dental diseases because they eat refined carbohydrates. It is because bacteria thrive on these sugars and release acids that erode teeth. Preventive dental care can spare the child from gum diseases, cavities, enamel erosion, dental injuries, and tooth loss. It can also help prevent illnesses such as brain issues, lung infections, heart disease, and diabetes.

Provides enough dental space for each tooth

Preventive dental care for kids can help keep a child’s teeth straight. The dentist can detect problems early and prevent them from worsening. This includes misalignment and crowding. Proper assessment and diagnostic tests can confirm either issue, and the patient can start treatment right away.

Visiting the dental clinic twice a year allows the dentist to see the child’s dental growth. If there is a risk of overcrowding, the dentist can remove some stubborn baby teeth to give space to the emerging adult teeth. This preventive dental care for kids can prevent adult teeth from looking bent or crooked. The erupting adult teeth can have their own space for development. The dentist can provide space maintainers to keep a vacant dental space intact for the coming adult teeth.

Keeps dental decay away

Maintaining a cavity-free mouth is one of the goals of preventive dental care for kids. This may even extend through adulthood. The attending dentist can teach parents and children to brush two times a day for two minutes using fluoride toothpaste. Flossing before bed and seeing the dentist two times a year can also help improve the child’s oral health. Limiting the consumption of carbohydrate-rich foods and drinks can lower the child’s risk for dental issues as well.

Part of preventive dental care for kids is to remind parents to supervise the child’s brushing until the child reaches seven or eight years old. Children this young still need more time to learn how to control the toothbrush and floss the right way. The dentist can teach parents and children proper flossing and brushing techniques. Some treatments in preventive dental care for kids can also take the level of dental care higher:

  • Dental sealants can protect the chewing surfaces of the back teeth. Placing these sealants can seal off the fissures and grooves. The sealants block foods and bacteria from staying on these parts of the back teeth.
  • Enameloplasty recontours and reshapes the enamel. It can help correct minor damages such as chips and misshapen teeth.
  • Fluorination applies fluoride to the child’s teeth. The gel application protects the tooth against tooth decay, especially if the child lives in an area where the water does not have fluoride.

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Preventive dental care for kids can improve your child’s health

Children of every age can have preventive dental care for kids. This is a beneficial way to ward off serious dental problems as the child grows up. Keeping gums and teeth healthy can help in the child’s proper development. Working with your dentist can extend the benefits of preventive dental care until adulthood.

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