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We can help treat various oral health issues that hinder a child's development through surgery. One such procedure that can promote oral health, prevent the spread of infection, and more, is tooth extraction. As a pediatric oral surgeon, we take the necessary steps to provide customized care for the child. A tooth extraction involves the surgical removal of a tooth to prevent overcrowding, infection, and more.

Tooth extractions are available at Grand Parkway Pediatric Dental in Richmond, TX, and the surrounding area. While we will explore all options before considering an extraction, there are cases where it is the most effective option. With our treatment, we can help your child's teeth remain on track for healthy development.

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A Customized Treatment Approach

During the initial appointment, we will examine the child's teeth and determine what type of treatment they need. If your child needs a tooth extraction, then we will explain the process to both of you during that appointment. Our goal is to address all comments and concerns while customizing the treatment to your child's needs.

If your child feels discomfort in a tooth or the jaw, give us a call. The pain could be a sign of a dental abscess or severe infection. Simultaneously, if it hurts to bite down or chew, this can also be an indication that they need professional oral health treatment. The sooner you seek treatment, the higher the chance we have of preventing these symptoms from getting worse.

We will take all factors into account when preparing for a tooth extraction procedure. We will use numbing around the mouth, so the child does not feel any pain. Our team has experience working with children and can be patient when explaining this procedure to them. While the child may feel some pressure during the extraction, they will not feel any pain or other sensations during the procedure.

The Tooth Extraction Process

Once the numbing takes effect, and the child is comfortable, we will begin the extraction. There are various techniques to consider when removing a tooth. One such option involves wiggling a tooth to loosen it out of the gums. Since each patient is unique, the tooth may not have completely emerged from the gums. Once we remove the tooth, we will clean up the area with gauze and ensure the bleeding stops.

If the tooth is beneath the gums, then we will need to use oral surgery to remove it. During this type of procedure, the child will be asleep and not feel any pain. We will create an opening in the gums that we can lift to access the tooth. If the tooth is too sturdy, we can break the tooth up into separate pieces and remove them. The child will not feel the pain from this controlled break.

Once we remove the tooth, we will clean the area of the mouth before closing the opening back up. We will then use gauze to stop the bleeding before waking the child up.

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The Necessary Follow-Up Care

At Grand Parkway Pediatric Dental, we perform a tooth extraction in the least invasive manner possible to shorten the recovery time. We will need the patient to remain in the office for around an hour after the procedure. During this time, we will verify the bleeding has slowed down and the anesthesia has worn off. You will need to monitor your child after the procedure, as well.

At home, keep an eye on your child and make sure he or she gets some rest. While your child needs to drink plenty of water, they need to avoid anything too hot or too cold since the teeth may be sensitive for a few days. We also recommend avoiding the use of a straw for the first few days, since the suction could cause the affected area to start bleeding.

How the procedure was completed will influence how long it takes to recover. In general, the swelling will go down after a few days. We may recommend having the child take ibuprofen to help reduce the swelling and to use an ice pack/cold compress for 15 minutes at a time. During the recovery, your child should eat foods that are high in nutrition and have a soft texture. Drinking a smoothie with vegetables, fruit, yogurt, and protein powder is an excellent way to keep your child's nutrition levels up without needing to bite down on anything.

Continuing the Recovery Process

As your child adds other foods back into their diet, be sure to start with soft foods, like noodles. While caring for your child's mouth after a tooth extraction, he or she will also need to keep the mouth as clean as possible. Have your child brush the surrounding teeth like normal and be careful to avoid the surgical site. Your child can also rinse with a mixture of water and baking soda (or an antibacterial mouthwash) to reduce the risk of an infection developing. We may want to see your child for a follow-up appointment, as well.

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