A Pediatric Dentist Discusses Kid-Friendly Gentle Dental Care

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The pediatric dentist can be a scary place for your kid. There are strange sounds, sights, and smells. Gentle dental care that is kid-friendly is an approach that seeks to soothe the anxieties and fears your child may have about the pediatric dentist’s office. The goal is to help your kid to form a positive impression of the pediatric dentist. All dentists train to treat children. But, pediatric dentists specialize in kid-friendly, gentle dental care.

Fears about the dentist are common in both adults and children. Pediatric dentists use calming techniques to soothe anxious children. This is especially important to do when children need to have a procedure. Pediatric dentists may use a little extra patience with fearful children.

A little fun goes a long way

Pediatric dentists learn to use techniques to distract and entertain patients. Some dentists might call instruments silly names or use funny voices. Even older kids who might think they are too old for silliness find this distracting. Joking and building rapport takes kids’ minds off pain or discomfort. The pediatric dentist’s goal is to be engaging and involve the patient in what is going on. Pediatric dentists take the child’s worry and anxiety seriously while also providing consistency and comfort.

Educational explanations can help. Children often want to know why something is happening. It is important for them to understand what is going on. Pediatric dentists often take the time to explain what is happening to young patients. Dentists may have interactive models and props that show the parts of the tooth or how mouths work. Involving children in the dental care process helps to alleviate fears and anxieties.

Small tools can make a big difference. Regular-sized dental tools not only look scarier but also might not fit well in a small child’s mouth. Pediatric dentists train to use smaller tools when necessary on little patients. Some of the office furniture or the dental chairs may also be kid-sized. Children can get overwhelmed in regular dentists’ offices with adult-sized furniture. Pediatric dentists’ offices may also have familiar themes or cartoon characters to see.

Family-oriented support to kids

When kids have a dental emergency, parents may need to seek out an emergency dentist right away. Children do not always have patience. They cannot understand why the pain and discomfort cannot go away quickly. Many pediatric dentists have solutions for kid patients who need help after hours to avoid as much suffering as possible. These offices also may have flexible scheduling, working with school and extracurricular schedules.

The pediatric dentist can provide a fun and soothing environment

Many kid-friendly pediatric dentist offices are brightly colored and decorated. The waiting rooms often have toys and games to play with. Your child might have a hard time sitting still while waiting for the dentist. The games and toys can also take your child’s mind off what might be coming. Gentle dental care does not have to be boring. Seeing your child calmer can also help with any fears you may have as well.

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