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Painless Pediatric Dentistry: What Parents Can Do

Painless Pediatric Dentistry: What Parents Can Do

For certain dental procedures, the dentist might recommend painless pediatric dentistry. Parents have a role to play in making a child's dental procedures comfortable and pleasant. This requires learning about the procedure and sedation options. The pediatric dentist will usually provide instructions on what to do before and after a dental procedure, especially if sedation…

A Pediatric Dentist Discusses Kid Friendly Gentle Dental Care

A Pediatric Dentist Discusses Kid-Friendly Gentle Dental Care

The pediatric dentist can be a scary place for your kid. There are strange sounds, sights, and smells. Gentle dental care that is kid-friendly is an approach that seeks to soothe the anxieties and fears your child may have about the pediatric dentist’s office. The goal is to help your kid to form a positive…