The Importance of Dental Cleaning in Early Dental Care

The Importance of Dental Cleaning in Early Dental Care from Grand Parkway Pediatric Dental in Richmond, TXEarly dental care is a non-invasive process that helps start your child’s oral care off the right way, greatly reducing the risk of dental cavities, gingivitis, and other concerns. Dental cleanings are a common aspect of early dental care, and they are recommended every four to six months for children over the age of one.

Early dental care: Why are dental cleanings important?

Dental cleanings are important for oral health during early dental care as they remove plaque and tartar accumulation. Plaque and tartar contain bacteria. Over time, this bacteria, combined with sugar and other carbohydrates, can begin to wear down the enamel and cause cavities. Below is a much more detailed look at the importance of dental cleaning in early dental care.

Early dental care explained

Early dental care involves a set of dental visits designed to learn more about the child’s oral health and teeth development. These visits also include preventive procedures such as dental cleanings as well. Early dental care is similar to regular visits as an adult, except the visits focus more on the unique dental needs of children.

What happens during a dental cleaning

A dental cleaning, which is the most common procedure for early dental care, involves the removal of plaque and tartar from the surface of teeth and along the gum line. In essence, the dentist uses special dental instruments to scrape away the built-up plaque and tartar. They may also polish teeth, which helps reduce the risk of plaque and tartar buildup in the future.

The benefits of dental cleanings

Dental cleanings are incredibly beneficial in keeping plaque and tartar from accumulating on the surface of teeth and contributing to enamel decay and periodontal disease. In many cases, they are also non-invasive procedures that take less than half an hour to complete. In addition, since dental cleanings are a preventive procedure, they are often covered by insurance providers, and they are affordable procedures for those who do not have insurance.

The risks of skipping dental cleanings at an early age

There is not a big risk in delaying dental cleaning visits for a week or two. However, delaying them for months or avoiding them altogether can greatly increase the risk of cavities for children and teenagers. Since dental cleanings also clean the gum line, skipping cleanings can also increase the risk of gum complications.

When to start dental cleanings for your child

Children should start dental cleanings as soon as their teeth emerge while they are toddlers. Of course, the cleaning procedure for a toddler may look different than it does for adults. However, they are equally important in protecting teeth.

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Let’s get started with a kid-friendly visit

If your child has never visited the dentist for early dental care or it has been more than six months since their last check-up and cleaning, we encourage you to call us today. We welcome children of all ages and pride ourselves in an atmosphere that makes children feel comfortable and safe.

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