What to Do With a Child’s Chipped Tooth

What to Do With a Child’s Chipped Tooth from Grand Parkway Pediatric Dental in Richmond, TXAt least once in their toddler years, a child will experience a chipped tooth. Just imagine how rowdy kids can be at four or five years old. They will play, run around, do sports, and chip their tooth in the process. While it is nothing to be worried about, some parents will see this as a dental emergency and call a pediatric dentist.

These parents are probably right. Dentists should be the ones to decide what to do with a chipped tooth. Although the internet has plenty of resources for parents, dentists are the ones who have the academic background and experience to address this problem. If your kids already have permanent teeth, a chipped tooth is no laughing matter.

Why worry about a chipped tooth

Kids sometimes look cute with that chipped front tooth. Parents might even want to take a picture of it for remembrance. However, there could be a crack there that will have lasting consequences on the kids’ oral health. Bacteria can go through those cracks and cause an infection. The cracks are invisible to the naked eye but not to the bacteria. The bacteria are what cause tooth decay and, eventually, the need for a root canal.

Remedies at home

While waiting for the appointment with the dentist, parents can do some remedies at home. The first thing to do is check for tooth fragments lodged in the teeth, lips, tongue, and gums. These fragments could seriously injure the kids. To ensure the mouth is clean, use water or mouthwash for rinsing.

If the chipped tooth is bleeding, wet a gauze and apply it to the bleeding area. Ask the kids to hold the gauze in place. Parents should also ready a cold compress to prevent swelling and inflammation. Depending on the site where the tooth chipped, the swelling can either be on the lips or cheek. Apply cold compress there.

When in pain, kids can be irritable. Older ones might understand what is happening. They will hold the gauze and cold compress in place. However, younger kids will have a hard time with the situation. Parents can bribe them with a popsicle or an ice cube to alleviate the pain.

Other steps to take

Parents should look for the tooth fragment because the dentist can reattach it. Put the chipped tooth pieces in a glass of water to keep them moist. Dentists can use a special glue to put the chipped tooth back in place. If the kids are still in pain, parents can have them take over-the-counter medicine for relief. Ask the pharmacist for help.

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Teach kids about dental health

This is not the first time that this will happen. Kids will be more active in adolescence. Parents must make kids understand the importance of oral and dental health. While dentists can help in this regard, parents are the primary educators of good dental hygiene. Kids will follow their parents’ lead, so make sure that you also have good dental and oral hygiene.

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