When to Visit an Emergency Pediatric Dentist for Immediate Care

Emergency Pediatric Dentist Richmond, TX

An emergency pediatric dentist can help correct your child’s severe dental problem. Pain and bleeding are major reasons to see this dental care provider. Knowing when to visit can help you get the right treatment right away. Here are the details on when you must bring your child to an emergency pediatric dentist.

Dental fracture

Active exploration and rough play often lead to injuries. Facial trauma can damage a child’s new teeth. A fracture is a dental emergency because the break could go beyond the gumline. Intense pain is more than enough reason to see an emergency pediatric dentist. More than that, the fracture will invite bacteria into the tooth. Repairing the tooth is vital to restore the child’s dental health.

Severe toothache

It is common for children to experience minor toothaches and occasional sensitivity. The discomfort may occur while consuming hot, cold, or even sweet drinks or foods. It often disappears after. But constant pain needs immediate relief from an emergency pediatric dentist.

Laceration on the inner cheek, tongue, or lip

There are times when a child may accidentally bite the tongue, cheek, or lip. Minor cuts may be shallow enough to heal on their own. Severe lacerations, however, will need treatment from an emergency pediatric dentist. This dentist must stop the bleeding.

Knocked-out tooth

Rescuing the tooth is important if this happens. The emergency pediatric dentist must get a viable dislodged tooth so that reimplanting it will be possible. Find the tooth right away. Do not scrub it if it is dirty. Always hold it by its crown and place it in milk. This liquid will keep the tooth alive and moist until the child reaches the clinic.

Severe gum swelling and tooth sensitivity

The child will need help from an emergency pediatric dentist if there is a pimple-like inflammation in the gum tissue beside a tooth. Draining the infection first. Prescribing antibiotics will follow to get rid of any remaining bacteria. Pain medication can help manage pain.

Dental abscess

This dental problem is the result of a severe infection. Treating the affected tissue is crucial in preventing the spread of infection. The emergency pediatric dentist will perform root canal therapy to remove the infected pulp. Filling the cleaned pulp chamber with gutta-percha will stabilize the tooth. Placing a custom crown over the tooth will strengthen and protect it from future damage.

Dental loosening

Injuries from falling or contact sports can result in tooth loosening. The pain can overwhelm the child. Keep the child calm while driving to the clinic. The dentist will restabilize the tooth right away. This will help keep the child’s natural tooth in place.

The benefits of visiting an emergency pediatric dentist

Dental emergencies cannot wait for a regular appointment. Pain, bleeding, and swelling increase the urgency of the matter. It is vital for the child’s health that the emergency pediatric dentist treat the affected tooth right away. The following are the benefits that one can get from bringing the child to an emergency pediatric dentist:

  • It stops the pain. The child needs to get relief right away, whatever the pain’s cause is. Seeing the emergency pediatric dentist will determine the main cause of the discomfort. Treating it will follow.
  • It provides a valuable lesson. Some kids need a strong reminder of how important it is to care for one’s teeth and other dental structures. The child may request a custom mouthguard. This dental appliance can help shield the upper and lower teeth from damage.
  • It spots the hidden issues. A damaged tooth may not be the only dental emergency by the time the child reaches the emergency pediatric dentist. Performing a thorough assessment will reveal other issues that are causing the symptoms. The child may end up having a deeper dental infection or damage to the jaw. The dentist will then explain an extended form of treatment to improve the child’s situation.
  • It can keep the child’s tooth intact. Choosing to see an emergency pediatric dentist can reduce the child’s risk of tooth loss. The treatment will help the tooth heal in its place. The dentist will also provide reminders on how to care for the repaired tooth. Following the instructions on how to care for the tooth will allow the child to achieve better dental health.

Your child can get immediate care and relief after seeing an emergency pediatric dentist

Children can develop or acquire a severe form of dental infections or injuries. Regular home remedies may relax the child but not do anything about the discomfort. This is when the emergency pediatric dentist can step in and help. Working with your emergency pediatric dentist can help your child achieve relief enough to get back to normal daily activities.

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