When to Visit an Emergency Pediatric Dentist

The job of an emergency pediatric dentist is to provide emergency dental care to any child or teen that develops an unexpected dental problem.

Many dental practices have set hours, while a few operate on an appointment-only basis. Luckily, the emergency dental practice in your area will accommodate you when the young ones suddenly need dental care.

An emergency pediatric dentist will see patients on short notice and at all hours. So, what qualifies as a dental emergency?

Common issues that require an emergency pediatric dentist

1. When a child fractures their tooth

Children love to play and run around in close spaces. Sometimes all that rough play results in a split lip, a swollen eye or even a fractured tooth.

A tooth that is badly broken or cracked hurts a lot, especially when the fracture exposes or injures the dental pulp. Instead of waiting for a dental appointment, a parent or caregiver should see an emergency pediatric dentist immediately.

The dentist will restore the tooth, which will prevent further injury and protect the pulp from infection.

2. When a toothache gets bad

When an infection progresses, it eventually makes its way to the inner tooth or the gum. The infection causes severe pain and eventually becomes too much for the child to bear. Because toothaches like to get worse at night, it is a good idea for a parent to have the number of an emergency pediatric dentist at hand.

The dentist will remove the infection and perform an emergency dental restoration. If necessary, the dentist will also prescribe medication to fight an infection that is widespread.

3. When a child loses a milk tooth early

A milk tooth should only come loose when a permanent tooth is ready to erupt. If a child loses a milk tooth at the wrong time, they may have to deal with misaligned permanent teeth in the future.

It is for this reason that a parent should get their child to the dentist within 24 hours of the loss of the tooth. Luckily, an emergency pediatric dentist will not give an appointment slot that is two weeks away. They will see the child immediately and fit them with a spacer, which will keep the remaining teeth in place.

4. When a child loses a permanent tooth

The loss of a permanent tooth is a stressful event for adults and children alike. Luckily, a tooth that is knocked out can be reattached, but only if the child sees a dentist immediately. If the missing tooth is too damaged to reattach, the dentist will start the treatment needed to put in a replacement tooth in the gap.

5. When there is a serious injury to the inner cheek or tongue

Children hurt themselves, and they may sustain injuries to the soft tissues of the mouth. When a parent sees uncontrollable bleeding in their child’s mouth, they should see an emergency dentist immediately.

The dentist will close the wound and prevent it from being infected.

6. When an object gets stuck in the tooth

Young children get objects stuck in their noses and sometimes, in their gums or teeth. A parent should immediately take their child to a pediatric dentist, who will remove the object without causing (further) injury or damage.

Our emergency dentists are here for you when the unexpected happens

Some situations cannot be resolved by waiting for a dental appointment, which is why we operate an emergency dental practice that caters to children and young teens.

If your child is ever in need of emergency dental treatment, call us. We will be happy to help.

Request an appointment here: https://www.grandparkwaypediatricdental.com or call Grand Parkway Pediatric Dental at (832) 246-7255 for an appointment in our Richmond office.

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