Are Kids Dental Crowns Necessary?

Dental CrownsDental crowns are necessary for people who have teeth that are severely damaged from decay or erosion. They provide someone with a way to restore teeth that are in bad shape. Dentists typically recommend dental crowns to patients who have teeth that can no longer be fixed with fillings. While dental crowns may not be something that everyone wants, they are often necessary — for children, too.

Children are more sensitive to dental crowns because pain and discomfort may be felt during the procedure. However, it is often necessary that children do have a dental crown procedure done because of the shape that their teeth are in.

Knowing when a dental crown is necessary for a child’s tooth can be helpful for a parent or guardian that has a child with a decayed tooth or teeth. Today, we will go over when dental crowns for children are necessary.

Are dental crowns for children necessary?

Dental crowns are not just meant for adults and if they were then dentists all over wouldn’t recommend them for people of all ages. Below, we have listed when dental crowns are necessary for children.

Erosion or decay

Dentists often advise that a child has a dental crown put on when there is significant erosion or decay on a certain tooth or multiple teeth. Children often eat a lot of sugary foods and beverages that can severely decay the teeth over time. When proper care isn’t taken after sugars have been consumed, they stick to the teeth and eventually attack the enamel. Thus, decay forms and erodes the tooth away.

It’s best that a child maintains proper oral care each day to ensure that decay and erosion don’t form. Thus, a dental crown won’t be needed.

Crack or chip

Because children aren’t the most careful at their age, they can often incur damage to their teeth such as chips or cracks. If a child plays a sport or is just playing rough with others, they might crack or chip their tooth. This could be caused by a force to the face or the mouth which may lead to a chipped or cracked tooth.

Dental crowns are often used to cover up a tooth that has a crack or a chip in it. A dental crown can allow for someone to get back to their normal chewing habits each day, which may have been put to a halt once the crack or chip was incurred.


While children’s teeth are extra sensitive because they are baby teeth, it is still rather important to ensure that they stay in good condition. When children’s teeth stay in good condition they are less likely to need dental crowns which can be an involved procedure for younger children. Knowing when children may need dental crowns can help a parent or guardian to avoid allowing their children to be in situations where damage may occur.

If you have more questions about dental crowns and when they are needed for children then please reach out to us today. Our office staff can help you in any way that we can, give us a call today!

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